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Flash of Wisdom - Women's Group Office Visit

Wednesdays at

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Facilitated by:  Nancy Dale, Nurse Practitioner  
250 Richmond Road, Richmond Heights, Ohio
Women's bodies change in remarkable ways through time. Each phase marks a powerful time in the life of every women when her body, mind and soul undergo most profound metamorphoses. We are not always adequately prepared for these changes and will often experience fear, sadness, anger and depression during the periods our hormones take to transition us as pro-creators & co-creators. This group offers a unique setting in whichh women will learn, share and embrace the process of life changes and discover the brand new woman waiting within.

During this 4 week group, we will become educated about the physiological, psychological, social and spiritual changes occurring at during a woman's hormonal life. We will learn about holistic and alternative methods of reducing symptoms, and will discover and embrace the new self that we are becoming.  

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Holistic Health Service's

Integrated Nursing Correspondence School

Caring to put the Heal 
                back into Heal-th Care


This training school is an answer to the call from those seeking fulfillment of their heart’s purpose by being a part of a truly healing force. Individuals entering the health care field have an urge to serve. It is an honorable purpose of wanting to give of oneself for the betterment of another. That was the dream and still is for so many. But, once trained and then indoctrinated into those ranks many become discouraged. The daily grinding pace seems to be spent almost entirely by defending each action with hours of time documenting, doing the bidding of the insurers, the administrators, the pharmaceutical companies, the government and others. And who is JHACO anyway? The quality time that could be afforded to patients is narrowed down to a few moments at best with a smile and a hello or a little laugh shared while rushing through a task.


That’s the system as it has become but we offer you an opportunity to penetrate the grounds of the hospital campus or the clinic where you work with something new, something fresh that comes straight from your heart. Do you dare to care enough to put the Heal back into the Heal-th Care system?


We will answer these basic questions through this course work

        How can I reclaim my urge and do the good work that I believe in?

        What subtle actions can I take that will add to someone’s healing?

        How can I fulfill my purpose?

        Can I make a difference?

        What are the various modes of alternative medicine?

        How can I integrate the alternative with the standard practices safely?

        What is energy medicine?

        What is this feeling I have when I come to work & I don’t feel it before I come or after I leave?

        What makes up a body in terms of energy?

        What is a Light Body?

        What are the chakras?

        What are devas and elementals?

        What constitutes good nutrition, what is an anti-inflammatory diet?

        Why do herbs work?

        What is the role of laughter?

        What are the segments of the Brain and how do they affect us?

        Heredity: is it genetic or just passed on?


If these are some of your questions then take this journey with us to find the answers that are calling to you from your heart. The introductory classes are set up with writings and spaces for journaling and answering questions. You will discover your truths through study, experience and writing exercises. Some of our courses are presented by web-cam, this will bring you a live opportunity to be “in” class in the present moment with present moment dialogue shared with your colleagues and our teachers. Learning retreats are scheduled quarterly, tri or semi-annually to meet your needs. These retreats are optimal & optional for your growth, your vision and your learning.


Only answer the call if you care to put the Heal back into the Heal-th Care.


To contact us call, email or write to:




Holistic Health Service of NE Ohio

250 Richmond Road

Richmond Heights, Ohio 44143






Therapeutic touch treatment 
& training group

The purpose of this educational group is to create a core of therapeutic touch practitioners whose calling is based on metaphysical concepts of healing. Offering greater depths of therapeutic touch will provide healing options for those searching for improved health in their lives. 

The series will be based on 8 weekly training and work sessions. Each participant will identify the need to learn healing techniques and will privately acknowledge healing s/he would like in her/his own life.  

During the first four sessions TT techniques will be reviewed and practiced. During the last  

Meetings will be Thursday afternoons at

It is preferable that practitioners make a one year commitment. For those who do, the series will always cost the introductory rate of $150 (less than $20 per session). For those who start later the fee will be $200 ($25 per session).


           There’s More to Health
                                           than Meets the Stethoscope                                                                     A One Day Workshop
       Who am I?
                 What is Energy? 
                   Potential, E=MC2, a feeling
                  Why does Prayer work double blinded?
                  What is acupuncture, how does it work?



The Atom
Expressions and Attitudes 
                    Why do some people heal and others don’t? 
Family Patterns: I inherited a sore back from my father
  Maybe our bodies develop symptoms in order to give us a message,

Maybe Our Bodies are Trying to Yell us Something
Our Health Patterns are the Journey of Healing

Nancy Dale, Nurse Practitioner
250 Richmond Rd, Richmond Hts., Oh 44143







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