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Nancy Dale 
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 Health Management combines the art, the heart and science of health care within a holistic model. When the body is out of balance there are many routes to re-harmonize including herbal remedies and supplements to bio-identicals or prescribed medications. We utilize traditional diagnostic lab testing, allergy testing, Thermography, X-Rays, MRI's and referrals, whatever it takes to rebalance the health. Most insurances are accepted. 
            It is said that our genes determine 5% of our destiny, 
                         it is up to us to determine the other 95%.
Health Counseling is an opportunity to interact with a health and energy professional who can look at all aspects of your health with you. It is a chance for you to create a plan for your health, based on your vision with professional guidance.  No matter if its physiologic, environmental, stress, a hormonal issue, a family dynamic or a personal crisis that’s caused an energy crunch, a feeling of being out of balance and out of harmony in the context of life and health, you can create a plan for your healing and health.  
Therapeutic Touch is a healing technique derived from the ancient wisdom of Laying-on-of-Hands. This circulation of energy is balancing and can put your body in a quieted mode. It is in this relaxed state that the body’s own healing wisdom is activated.
Body Whispering Is your body trying to tell you (or even yell you) something? Are you listening? Do you need to cough something up verbally instead of letting your throat do all of the work? Would you rather find out what you “can’t stomach” rather than suffer with GERD? Is your life so “under pressure” that your blood vessels could burst? This is a matter of learning to listen to the body and its subtle messages of wisdom and growth.
Patient Advocacy involves the art of navigating the medical system so that it makes sense to people who don’t speak “medical-ese”. It is the road map through a jungle of terms, conditions and treatments that helps to make sense of the choices and options ahead. Having an advocate, a guide to lead a person, a loved one or a family through the medical or hospital territory is like having Glenda help Dorothy travel through the dangers of Oz to return home.
Shaman Healing & Energy Work uses energy alignments that are based on ancient wisdom practices embodied from every ancient culture. This work has the potential to touch the core of one's being beyond the everyday conscious awareness into the realms of dreamtime, & the archtypes of our becoming.
                Is your body trying to tell you something?
            Are you listening to the wisdom of your body?

Cold Laser Therapy

Gretchen Jurkovic, Certified Laser Therapist

Multi Radiance Laser technology is an advanced & highly effective non-invasive treatment method that has been cleared by the FDA. This technology uses a Super-Pulsed Laser that incorporates red and infrared light to enhance blood circulation and provide temporary pain relief. Often insurances will reimburse the treatments that help with pain, circulation and dysfunction of an area in the body.

















































fourth path yoga

Tina DiCillo, Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master

Core Body Awareness Yoga Tina employs traditional yoga asanas (poses) and breath work in her classes to bring awareness to one’s deepest internal level, thereby restoring balance in the body. She pays close attention to the details of alignment in each yoga asana which leads to unraveling old patterns of muscle holding and opens new possibilities for energy to flow freely throughout the body. Every class that she teaches is a moving meditation designed to help you explore your innermost self.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki is a simple, natural and a safe method used for spiritual healing and self-improvement.

Individualized Appointments
In addition to teaching Reiki and Yoga, Tina offers individual yoga consultations and Reiki treatments. She can be reached @ fourth_path@yahoo.com or call 216.556.0604

WellBeing Unlimited, Inc.

Ms. Brooke H Kroto Clinical Social Work/ Therapist, LISW

“When you need help with difficult life challenges, trauma, loss, illness, or moving forward with personal goals, I provide the right support, tools and guidance to help you effectively. My mission is to enhance the ability of individuals to live a life of purpose, creativity and optimum health. Using a positive and optimistic approach supports a spiritually oriented process in which your innate wisdom is powerfully engaged towards resolution and healing. I provide services that are helpful to highly functional as well as deeply troubled individuals. I look forward to meeting you!

I happily and proudly work with persons from all walks of life including those of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender/transsexual communities.”

Brooke works with individuals, couples and groups.

Web: OnBeingWell.com

Ph 216.261.7887

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